Original 1966 tape recording FA_1968_5-55 from the Richard Bowen Stark Collection, photographed in 2018

AR.00015.2 MOIFA Curators: Richard Bowen Stark Series

This 2018 photograph shows an original 1966 tape from the Richard Bowen Stark Collection. Magnetic tape formats do not last forever. Many of the tapes sent for digitization from this collection needed minor repairs, or suffered some loss from their beginnings and ends. Digitization has preserved as much as possible, but now the digital files will have to be preserved themselves. Digital files also don't last forever, so we need to be sure we have backups and redundant copies. Also, as file formats and software change, we need to be careful to keep up. Currently we have preservation in uncompressed WAV format as well as use copies in MP3 format, but no format lives forever.

October 20 2018 Date created
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