Tapes being prepared for shipment for digitization, December 2017, in the Bartlett Library and Archives.

AR.00015.2 MOIFA Curators: Richard Bowen Stark Series

This photo documents some of the elaborate organization and preparation involved in digitization of the tapes in the Richard Bowen Stark collection. Tapes were checked and cross-checked. Each tape was photographed individually to show its condition when it left the Museum of International Folk Art. Tapes were carefully packed and detailed packing lists were created. Then the boxes were shipped, and the long wait began. The tapes were digitized in early 2018. Digital files were delivered, and were checked for quality. When all checks were done and all digital files approved, the original tapes were safely returned to archives storage at the Museum. Why keep both? Someday new technologies may make it possible to make better copies of the originals. Also, they are artifacts in their own right.

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