Dancers demonstrating El Vaquero circa 1966.

AR.00015.2 MOIFA Curators: Richard Bowen Stark Series

Dancers demonstrating El Vaquero, circa 1966. Photographer may be Mansi Kern. Kern's description of the dance follows.

"This is another native dance of New Mexico based on the Schoittsche step. It portrays the lively exuberance of the Cowboy.
"EL VAQUERO  a Couple Dance
"Couples face forward around the hall (counter-clockwise). The lady is to the right of her partner. Join hands, ladies right in man's left} ladies left in man’s right (not crossed). The Schoittsche step as described [see description and images of El Chotis]. Man and woman are both on the same foot throughout the dance.
"Part I. Couples dance in the line of direction using the basic Schoittsche step.
"Part II. Partners turn under their arms, turning away from each other. This is called the Dishrag step. In Santa Fe, the woman is turned first, then the man - just in time to the music. It is done quickly. The step, hop; step, hop; step, hop; step, hop pattern can be used on the second part. It is still used by some dancers. It is thus, two Schoittsche steps and four step hops; or, it is executed using only Schoittsche steps."

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