Dancers demonstrating La Indita circa 1966.

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Dancers demonstrating La Indita, circa 1966. Photographer may be Mansi Kern. Kern's description of the dance follows.

"A dance for two couples. La Indita is a truly native Spanish-Colonial Folk Dance. It combines elements of the Spanish and Indian culture. The underlying rhythm throughout the dance suggests the steady beat of an Indian drum. The dance is usually performed at a slow pace. “The steps are executed in the shuffling manner... There are several forms of La Indita. I feel that the faster dance is a result of a musician changing the tempo. All but one version of La Indita (recorded on tape) were
in harmony in regard to the slow, Indian-like beat.

"LA INDITA, Espanola version.
"Faster dance for two couples. Position, Side by side, lady on man*s right. Keep tempo of music. Step, close, step. One measure, Step right (one) close left to right (two) step right, hold (three and four). Repeat step exactly, starting with the left foot. Left, close, left, hold. It is somewhat similar
to a slow polka without the hop.
"Part I. Measures 1-4, The dance. Couples face each other. The opposite women walk toward each other, take right hands and exchange places. Measures 5-8. Men move toward each other, take right hand and exchange places. Measures 9-12. Ladies walk forward, take right hand and return to original place. Measures 12-16. Men walk forward, take right hand and cross back.
"Part II. For sixteen measures the couples take ballroom position and dance a slow polka (without the hop - like a two-step) around the hall.

"LA INDITA. Taos version.
"Part I. Couples dance in a semi-circle. Dancers, man and lady, stand some distance from each other. Move toward each other, pass right shoulders, facing all the while. Each turn left and dance the slow step back to place, Look at your partner until you reach your starting position, come forward and polka.
"Part II. Take ballroom position and continue the same polka step for sixteen measures"

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