Gregorio Ruiz of Rowe, NM, with Evaristo Lucero in 1966. Photograph by Mansi Kern.

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Gregorio Ruiz of Rowe, NM, with Evaristo Lucero in 1966.  Photograph by Mansi Kern. In 1966, Ruiz wrote in a letter to Mansi Kern "It sure was a pleasure to hear from you, and on your letter you ask me a few questions, which I like to answer and all I can promise you is honest answers to the best of my knowledge.
"Your first question No -1 I was bom in Rowe New Mexico, it is a little town 6 miles south of Pecos, New Mex. my Birth is Feb 16, 1889**
"I started to play with my Father at the age of 5 or 6 years old, my first play on my own was at the age of (9) as strange as it may appear for you or anybody else,but here in Pecos I think still do
live people who saw me do it and it was [ ] a wedding one of the big weddings at those days. My  Father never did any other work outside of his little ranch, than to play Violin. He was around this states like Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico which he made his home. He was Born in [and married]
Conejos Colorado and if I can find his birth date I will be glad to give it to you too,this means he realy was a violin musician,and one of the best to my clear knowledge.
"I played in fairs at Las Vegas for the Cowboy reunions. I mean at the dances, also in Albuquerque,and almost every little town in this area of the Northern part of the state of New Mexico. One thing I do not have is written music I never play any other way only by ear."

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