Faithful Circle - Josie Runnels

AR.00027 Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey

Faithful Circle quilt by Josie Runnels. Note the use of the newsprint template to trace the lines for the quilting stitches.AR.00027: Traditional Quilt Makers in New Mexico Survey Project. FIELD NOTES: Faithful Circle quilt in quilting frame. Pieced by Josie Runnels (Martha Denney's sister). Margrette Baumgardner is quilting; others quilt on it while it is in the frame in the shop. Josie Runnels is 84 years old and lives in Eubanks, Kentucky [as of 6/27/1985].

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June 27 1985 Date created
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Textiles-United States and Canada, Textiles and Dress

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