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In June and July, 1985, Jeannette Lasansky of the Oral Traditions Project (Lewisburg, PA), and Museum Intern Nora Pickens surveyed traditional quilt makers in New Mexico, collecting information through survey forms, photographs, and recorded interviews. Additional follow-up correspondence was conducted. The material gathered formed the basis of the exhibition New Mexico Patchwork Quilts (AR.0004.176) in the Governor’s Gallery, the exhibition New Mexico Country Quilts (AR.0004.181) at the Museum, a Tom McCarthy video Any Woman Worth Her Salt, and Nora Pickens’ thesis Just a Patchwork Quilt (1987). One of the quilters interviewed, Dorothy Zopf, was motivated to do a survey of her own in the late 1990’s that resulted in her 2001 book Surviving the Winter: the Evolution of Quiltmaking in New Mexico.
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Administrative/Biographical History
Nora Pickens was an intern at the Museum of International Folk Art in 1985, and served as co-curator of the exhibition New Mexico Country Quilts in 1987-88.
Scope and Content
The collection consists of information about the origins of the project, press clippings (including some collected in a scrapbook), survey forms, correspondence, slides, recorded interviews, notes, and some transcripts of interviews.
Contents List
Box 1, Folder 1: Survey press release and clippings, Box 1, Folder 2: Index cards and other small pieces of paper with notes Box 1, Folder 3: Index cards with notes Box 1, Quilter Folders: 100 folders follow. They are not numbered, but are filed in alphabetical order by name. Each represents one quilter surveyed. Each folders includes survey form except as noted. A few have additional correspondence, an interview transcript, or other supplemental material. The quilters are: 1. Alldredge , Emma Lee Drinkard, 1909- 2. Almond, Merle, 1917- 3. Anderson, Artie Cross, 1908- 4. Anonymous (2) (includes flyer for Farmington Museum) 5. Armstrong, Doris I Rhyne, 1928- (includes interview notes) 6. Bailey, Tex M, 1912- 7. Baumgardner, Margrette Foutz, 1919- (includes tape logs, notes, correspondence, consent form, transcript) 8. Bertram, Jean, 1963- (see Bertram, Lois) 9. Bertram, Lois, 1942- (includes notes for interviews with Lois Bertram, Jean Bertram, and Dorothy Short) 10. Bloomfield, Elsie Dallas, 1912-1985 and Dallas, Emaline Strader, 1833-1919 (includes tape log, notes, correspondence, obituary of Elsie Dallas Bloomfield) 11. Bowman, Mary Ann, 1869-1938 12. Bowman, Pearl Huff, 1888- 13. Brooks, Rose Jones Gilford, 1916- (includes tape log, consent form, correspondence) 14. Brown, Ethel Lorea Holloway, 1907- (includes interview notes, correspondence) 15. Buchanan, Wanita Riley, 1911- and Anonymous (includes correspondence) 16. Bynum, Maggie, 1906- 17. Chavez, Tomasita, 1905- 18. Clear, Ruby Goggin Hall, 1907- (includes interview notes) 19. Collins, Della Jamison, 1903- 20. Corman, Marion Gerrells, 1931- 21. Cox, May Lou Kirschke, 1918- 22. Crawford, Betty Carr, 1932- (includes interview notes) 23. Crawford, Ruthell Ross, 1911- 24. Daugherty, Neva Streiff, 1915- 25. Denny, Martha Logsdon, 1905- (includes tape log, consent form, notes, McKinley County Quilter’s Guild Newsletter June 1985) 26. Didde, Yvonne Bunnell, 1951- (includes tape log, consent form, notes, interview transcript) 27. Dougherty, Margaret Ricketts, 1907- 28. Douglas, E Revay Breshears, 1915- and Bushears, Harriet Eudona (includes tape log, consent form, interview notes) 29. Durham, Elsie Moody, 1906- 30. Durham, Ruby, 1905- 31. Eash, Eileen Stichter, 1944- 32. Easter, Maggie Bow, 1912- (includes tape log, consent form) 33. Ferguson, Geneva Sturdivent, 1909- (includes notes) 34. Ferguson, Wanda Wolf, 1914- 35. Foster, Leda Whitehorn, 1904- 36. Garrison, Mary C Hobbs, 1920- (includes correspondence) 37. Gruber, Mary Elizabeth Milburn, (dates unknown) (found in Lois Bertram folder) 38. Halsell, Jessie Darnell, 1913- (includes tape log, notes, consent form, transcript, correspondence) 39. Harper, Mary, 1921- 40. Havenhill, Quirl Maberry Thompson, 1896- (includes newspaper clipping, consent form, tape log) 41. Hayes, Nancy B, d.1936 (includes information about a quilt, copy of survey form for Mary Harper) 42. Head, Mable Otis, 1908- (includes newspaper article, correspondence, transcript, notes, tape log, consent form, transparency) 43. Heimann, Marie, 1920- 44. Hoffman, June 45. Hogsett, Clara Woods, 1911- (includes tape log, consent form, notes) 46. Hutchinson, Elizabeth Campbell, 1924- 47. Jouett, Addie Bernice Stevens, 1907- (includes tape log, notes, consent form, transcript, correspondence) 48. Kane, Virginia (includes correspondence, transparency, notes, copy of newspaper article) 49. Keynert, Jane 50. Kirby, Laura Bowman, 1921- 51. Lasansky, Jeannette – (information about the interviewer, notes on quilting groups, no survey) 52. Lyles, Rubye, 1928- 53. Mackey, Vera, 1920- 54. McCracken, Marie, 1920- 55. McDonnell, Mildred Whaley, 1911- (includes tape log, notes, transcript) 56. Maness, Beatrice Hood, 1916- 57. Martin, Elsie G, 1920- 58. Martin, Verna B, 1932- 59. Martinez, Altagracia, 1908- 60. Martinez, Escolastica, 1908- 61. Martinez, Ida, 1925- (includes tape log, consent form) 62. Medling, Vera Marida Reynolds, 1915- (includes notes, tape log, consent form, transcript) 63. Mitchell, Anna Mae McCracken, 1912- 64. Moore, Dorothy, 1915- 65. Morgan, Irene Heim, 1928- (includes notes) 66. Moss, Marie Raindl, 1915- 67. Neal, Juanita Wilson, 1909- (includes notes) 68. Onstott, Juanita Miller, 1909- (includes poem) 69. Paul, Edna Gooch, 1905- 70. Phillips, Faye Ross, 1906- 71. Pickens, Nora, 1938- (information about researcher, no survey) 72. Pistole, Lena Howard, 1907- 73. Putney, Aletha Woodward, 1926- (includes notes) 74. Raines, Vera Mentie Jackson, 1908- (includes notes) 75. Randlemon, Nellie Austin Morrison, 1903- (includes consent form, tape log, transcript, notes) 76. Reynolds, Maurine McDaniel, 1911- 77. Richards, Bea Casey, 1916- 78. Ross, Sidney Ruth Latham, 1919- 79. Russom, Beva (notes only, no survey form) 80. Sage, Loyce Wood, 1919- (includes correspondence with photocopied pictures, tape logs, notes, consent form, transcript) 81. Sanchez, Trenida Gonzales, 1918- (includes tape log, consent form, notes) 82. Scoggins, Katie, 1907- (includes notes) 83. Short, Dorothy, 1915- (found in Lois Bertram folder; notes for Short interview on same page as for Lois Bertram, in Lois Bertram folder) 84. Simmons, Wyoma Mackey, 1918- (includes correspondence with photocopy of picture) 85. Simer, Molly Elizabeth Hamilton, 1907- (includes notes) 86. Simpson, Evelyn Miller, 1918- 87. Simpson, Ruth De Spain, 1910- (includes notes) 88. Smith, Alta Hanna Roberson, 1903- 89. Stichter, Bertha Yoder, 1907- 90. Sweet, Juanita, 1899- 91. Thompson, Georgia Smith, 1912- 92. Upton, Lyla, 1917- 93. Wall, Irene Walraum, 1914- 94. Wasson, Mary Elizabeth Hanna Carr, 1901- (includes notes, correspondence) 95. Williams, Isabel, 1918- 96. Willard, Fay Burnett Harbert, 1912- 97. Wilson, Eva Wallace, 1908- 98. Wolfe, Golda 99. Wooten, Leatrice Sisk, 1911- 100. Zopf, Dorothy, 1928- (includes correspondence, consent form, tape log, transcript, notes) Box 1, No Folder: Scrapbook with newspaper clippings related to quilt activities at the Museum, including survey, Homage to Amanda, and the later show at the Governor’s Gallery. Box 2: Slides 1-360 Box 3: Slides 361-780 Box 4: Slides 781-1100; five unnumbered folders with negatives of images of quilters’ family photos (rephotographed by Tom McCarthy); 6 Zopf survey forms from Taos County with photographs; polaroid photos of quilts; 7 envelopes of transparencies; large scale negatives. Box 5: 23 original cassette tapes of interviews Box 6: 23 duplicate, copied cassette tapes of interviews
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